Carol Brown

About Carol

Carol’s experience as an educator for over 15 years supports her in understanding how to facilitate the development of adult learners. As an associate faculty, with Royal Roads University and in previous roles Carol shares knowledge in a facilitative role to support the learning of adults in Conflict Management and in business leadership. Currently she is teaching master’s students at Royal Roads University in the Conflict Management and Analysis program, where she focuses on conflict in organizational settings, change management, and leading change.




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In her role as adjudicator she seeks to understand the perspective of all stakeholders while displaying the courage to make difficult decisions. She currently acts as a part-time Commissioner with the British Columbia Utilities Commission in an adjudication capacity.

As a director, she considers it an important part of her role to raise relevant issues, even if contentious, believing that it supports risk mitigation and is in the best interest of the company.  She balances her courage with curiosity, to understand the perspectives of others that may differ from her own. Carol has extensive non-profit board experience, which began with her first appointment on the Red Cross Society, in Toronto in 1985. She has completed the Director Education Program training (University of Toronto) and has been a director with the Prince George Airport Authority for six years and with the Canadian Bar Association Benevolent Society for over 12 years. In the past Carol was a board director for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

As a commercial lawyer in the province of BC for over 20 years, Carol has advocated on behalf of her clients, and assisted their negotiations, bringing their deals to successful completion.  As a mediator, she has helped clients move from their positional perspectives, digging deeper to the underlying interests that need to be resolved, in order for clients to move forward in their negotiations.

Carol brings her varied experiences of negotiating, decision making, and team building to her consultation practice, providing consultation, coaching, facilitation, teaching, and mediation to organizations in conflict management and conflict resolution, and in building successful team experiences. With an MA in Leadership and Ph.D. in human and organizational development, Carol coaches individuals and groups to develop successful communication strategies that support effective group process. Her doctoral dissertation was entitled Women on corporate boards and shared leadership:  An exploratory study of board process, which focused on the practice of the soft skills of leadership dynamics within groups. You can read her CV here