Carol Brown is a facilitator, educator, coach, adjudicator, director, and business consultant situated on Vancouver Island and working in Canada. She works with business, government, and non-profit organizations to build strategy, develop people, manage conflict, and provide leadership in a sustainable way.


As an associate faculty with Royal Roads University, I teach change management, reflective practice, and leadership to Conflict Analysis and Management mid-career graduate students in face to face and blended residency intensive programs. I teach Alternative Dispute Resolution theory and practice to Justice Studies Students. I have a background in teaching Human Resource Management and Leadership to business students as well. In addition, I facilitate workshops for organizations, and have been referred by Morneau Sheppel to workplaces to provide workshops to many large organizations. I can customize workshops for your organization. Here are the kinds of workshops I have offered in the past:

    • understanding change and transition
    • navigating change - employee support
    • leading change - management support
    • strategies for supporting change in your organization, through organizational redesign as well as dialogical process
    • cognitive diversity  and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)
    • building diverse and effective teams (HBDI can be used to support self understanding)
    • leadership
    • communicating in conflict
    • managing conflict
    • leading change - management support
    • collaborative leadership
    • shared leadership
    • strategic planning facilitation
    • design of 360 degree feedback processes for leadership development


I mediate multi-party disputes, mostly in the workplace. Often this begins with interviews, coaching and workshops on communication in conflict, all of which assists a successful mediation. I often help participants with coaching services both before and after mediation. Often, in organizations with systemic issues, I provide educational and support services. 

I have been a Commissioner with the BC Utilities Commission since January 2010.  The Commission is responsible for ensuring safe a reliable utility services at fair rates. I have also had experience as an adjudicator with the Forest Appeal Commission, the Environmental Appeal Board and the Expropriations Compensation Board.  

Small Business Advisor
I help small businesses create strategic plans, goal, mission statements, and processes for following up on these plans. I can also act, in an advisory director role, to help add governance and structure to small businesses, in a way that advises. Normally, directors of company’s have a vote. In small business, as an advisory director, I merely pass on my business knowledge to others, but I do not have a say in how the business must run. Studies show, that small businesses benefit from this kind of advisor, who gets to know the business really well, but is not a full time employee.

Director on Corporate Boards

I am a director on corporate boards and have formal governance training with the Institute of Corporate Directors. I am available to act as a director for boards where there is an appropriate fit between my skills and abilities, and your corporate vision. I also facilitate governance workshops for boards of directors. I have been advising hundreds of small business corporations and many non-profit organizations about corporate governance for over 20 years. I am currently the Chair of the Human Resource Committee of the Prince George Airport Authority, where I have been a director for 8 years. I am a past director of ICBC, where I also sat on the Human Resource Committee.